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  • TheTimido3

    Groove Street Families.

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  • koenigsegg agera r for infernus
  • being a cop.
  • shit, we got a situation over here
  • Nissan elegy

About me

  • about myself:

    hi im tim, im 13 years old. my birstday is at 9 Ferbruar. my hobbies are playing games, and watch TV with a horror film or just a program. i live in holland in Groenlo. i play the San Andreas Multiplayer server (SA-MP server). you can also play Counter Strike Source. i played that game with online and bots, but i like SA-MP more. i hope i see you guys in the SA-MP server or at the forum.

    My Friends:

    LittleJohny, Svekell, Pit, Reb0, Myth, Pietz, Ninjaboy, GpGirl, Hustler, Saadoplayer, [UPCL]Niek_NL, Toasty, ExGamer, TheRock, Jeff, MartMart, Lord_Ner0,
    SuperStar, GamerFeelingZzz, Dragon, Blokkmonsta, Sinova, Sexy_Oma, Deadman , Sinova(other account), KingZii, Mod, DonKillah, NIMEX, DarkKebab, XBOX720,
    Nobody, Chris, King3ni, Camper, Painz0r, Energy, Face, ImbaStyler, Patrick, Carry, Remus, AKDWARF, Nordin, Enty, Hunter, RE@PER, Numb3rs, Jelmar, Mart[NL], KitKat, Mongoo1212, G0D]NGP[L1k3, Bruno_Bauner, TokyOmAn, Thomas, ChillerKiller, Jesus, HalfBefehl, Phaedo, Mr.Can, TheRock, GSN, Bhooka_Nanga, LilWayne, Morpheus, DikkeVingerAap, MultiPlayer, Lepricon, Stiefel_Reloaded, XSecretG1RlX, Zephyr, Rensnl, MrVitaBeat, Niek, SharCoonShark, SanDisk, HouseMD, Jordi_NL, CameLot, Riki92, R1DerG4mer, Siggi, Crypt, Lennard, Karlo, Marc.Z, Marc015, JesterProDrunk, bartsimpson2, RidermaXxX, Flatman

    have i forgot you? then say it to me ^^

    How did i found Next Generation Party?

    I found Next Generation Party because Niek, he told me he searched at google for Extreem Freeroam (EF). thats the old server we played, he came here on this site and when we played the server some weeks we saw that this site was like the old server, and it had also the old admins we knew (SveKell, Sexy0mA). after i played it some weeks i made a NGP aply, they said a yes and then i was NGP member. Later i wanted to make videos to, i found bcuz my friend [UPC]VINCENT_NL WeGame, with WeGame i made my first videos, i made NGP gameplays and made a aply for NGP Team. at the Aply they said again yes and then i was NGP Team. Later i had Fraps from Piratebay (big download site, you need bittorent or youtorrent). SveKell was the guy that made much missions, i joined hes mission to bcuz i liked to be on youtube. Now i make my own videos to, like Millitary mission, or other things. Now i play with much dutch friends NGP. Niek told us the server, we told it to the other friend, after telling it we all gave laptop or PC to Niek's father. bcuz he had illegal GTA, and normal GTA doesn't work at SA-MP in holland. now we all play the server and make much fun.

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