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About me

  • Hello Ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me ...
    Fact is, he is not me ...
    Thats me:

    (Read this comment while the music plays. Makes it easier to visualize.)
    Close your eyes. Think back to all those stories you have shared and experienced. Altair, the founder of the Brotherhood we know and love today. A man who suffered and lost so much in his dedication to the Creed, forever determined to do what was right. A man none of us should forget.

    Then think forward. Italy. Florence. Ezio Auditore da Firenze. A man whose life was turned upside down by the Templars and instead of falling and fading into obscurity, he stood up and pushed himself, turning into the most renowned of Mentor's to the Assassins. Hardly any Assassin goes without knowing his name. He fought through his whole life, changing the world around him and shaping the lives of others. His story is your story. Never forget it.

    Further. The high seas. A lone Welshman, determined to take what was his, at any cost. He sailed the seas, never looking back, never stopping his pursuit of happiness. But then, he found a purpose greater than himself. A struggle older than himself. He loved and lost along the way, but accepted his fate and became part of the Creed, becoming an Assassin loved and respected by all.

    Past that. Connor Kenway, better known as Ratonhnhaké:ton. A boy born out of Templar and Native American blood and taught as an Assassin. Someone who struggled, despite having barely anything to build from, to fight his inner demons and stop the Templars, one of which was his own father. Constantly having to make decisions for the better, not knowing the outcome. But someone who still fought for what he believed in. He is no lesser of a piece in this huge game.

    Continuing on to Shay Patrick Cormac. A man taken in by the Brotherhood, determined to do what he had to to keep the world safe. Even if it meant taking all that he knew in the Creed and tearing it down. Someone who loved the Creed and had no desire to tear into it, doing so out of compassion. Though his story could have been different, he always looked forward and kept fighting, boiling the conflict down to no more than humans doing what they had to to keep their home safe.

    And then, Arno Dorian. Losing his father to the Templars at such a young age, Arno had ample reason to fight for the Assassin's to begin with, but anyone could tell he was invested in the Creed. The Templars brought the revolution to him and he was ready. Ready to carry the torch of the Assassin's. To play a part in their story.

    Then, you.

    You stand above, looking down at all these amazing people, who, thanks to the wonder of video games, you feel as if you've known them their whole lives. You are a part of the story and every event resounds with you like another heart in your chest. It's deep and it's close to you. To see it to the end is nothing less of the ultimate outcome, regardless of who wins.

    Open your eyes. Look at yourself. You're a piece now.

    Playing your part. Their part.

    That's the weight of Assassin's Creed.

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